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Agent Seth Brewer has been assigned to your case, expect an e-mail from

We'll contact you to gather the necessary census information needed for a comprehensive group quote either by email or over a brief phone call to allow us to learn about your company.

When it comes to insurance, we don’t make the rules. Our job is to help employers and their employees navigate through the hundreds of insurance products being offered today. We understand that insurance can be complicated and some of the rules and laws don’t make much sense. We’ll try our best to make it painless. We’re here to help. Always remember our goal is to find the benefit portfolio to meet your company best interest, not only today, but for years to come.

We charge zero fees for our services. All rates are set by the insurance companies and are fixed by law. Our added benefit is our ongoing service, compliance, and consulting accountability. We hope to form a good relationship with you. We are a San Diego owned and operated Agency.


Give us a call anytime at 800-967-3306

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